School Retreat Days

Cross-FSOn-Site School Retreat Days

Our primary school retreat days run from 10.00am until 2.00pm and our secondary school retreat days runs from 10.00am until 3.00pm. Each retreat day involves a broad range of activities including ice-breaking games, discussion, holistic based activities, team-work, art, meditation and group time in our Oratory at the end of each day.

There are two breaks throughout the day, where students can avail of our complimentary tea / coffee / juice and light bites in our Coffee Dock. We also have beautiful grounds, where students are invited to explore during break times. Alternatively, we also have an astro-turf pitch and concrete basketball court facility for the more active group.

Please read on for a brief description of our on-site school retreat day programmes.

6th Class Pre-Confirmation Programme

Theme: “Growing in Faith”

Objective: Our Pre-Confirmation Programme provides an excellent platform for preparation for this important sacrament and concentrates on elements such as the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we use these in everyday life.

1st Year Programme

Theme: “I am Treasured”

Objective: To enable students to see their own importance, in addition to the importance of their new class-mates and God.

2nd Year Programme

Theme: “Relationships and Gratitude”

Objective: Exploring what the students are grateful for in the hope of thinking outside the box (relationships, family, friends, shelter, education, faith).

3rd Year Programme

Theme: “Communication”

Objective: In a life of distraction, we set out to encourage real communication between the students and their world. This programme is very successful in helping students to understand what is being communicated to them by God in their day to day lives.

Transition Year Programme

Theme: “Personal Strengths and Beliefs”

Objective: Focussing on the transition from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle and adolescence to young adulthood through discussions and activities centring on self-belief .

5th Year Programme

Theme: “Who Am I?”

Objective: This programme provides students with a day of deeper thinking on the positive aspects of who they are through reflection, analysis and discussion.

6th Year Programme

Theme: “Coming to the Crossroads”

Objective: This 6th Year programme encourages the senior students to take a step back and gain awareness around their current journey towards adulthood, the persons they are becoming and how faith can play a major role in their present and future.

Glendalough Pilgrimage Retreat Days

For a Celtic spiritual experience, we are also offering schools a one day pilgrimage journey through the Valley of Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. The retreat begins outside the Glendalough Visitor Centre, where our team will accompany you and your group through various routes around the valley. The routes we take cater for easy to medium gradient walkers, with the central focus being on the spiritual and historical significance of the valley. Depending on the year group, we also have specific themes that run throughout each day. Time-wise, every retreat begins at 10.00am and comes to a close between 2.30pm – 3.00pm. In terms of numbers, we can take groups of up to 100 students per day provided there are at least 4 accompanying teachers on the pilgrimage. In addition to entry into the Glendalough Visitor Centre, students are also welcome to a complimentary packed lunch to help them on their journey.

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