to Benildus Pastoral Centre!

Here at Benildus Pastoral Centre, Kilmacud, Dublin 14, we have been providing retreats for adults and youth in our tranquil beautiful surrounds since 2004. While fostering a caring, warm, and compassionate environment of hospitality and welcome to all groups who come through our doors, we have been committed to providing a space where all who journey here are accompanied in faith in their Christian search for meaning. Together with the De La Salle tradition, we cultivate a creative and artistic climate where imaginative responses and individuality are expressed and encouraged. At the heart of our Centre, our primary focus is to promote the faith development of young people, particularly students of primary and post-primary schools, however we also facilitate adult groups who travel from all corners of the country to journey in faith.

Our Centre is warm, inviting and beautifully refurbished with careful attention to colour and art. It is the perfect venue for reflective time. There is a distinct sense of the sacred here, which is attributable not just to the surroundings but also to the rich spirituality and care of the team who work here. We pray that those who spend time here will experience a spirit that will touch their lives in a meaningful way.

Please take the time to peruse our website, and may we cross paths if you find what you are looking for.




For the adults, we are taking bookings for adult meditation and mindfulness half-days here at our Centre for 2015/16. If you or your group are interested, please visit our Adult Group Days page or simply call us on (01) 2964195 for more information on booking with us.

For the teachers, please note that we are taking bookings for 2015/16 academic calendar and places are beginning to fill up. If you are interested in any of our retreat experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and we will accommodate you as best we can.


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